BECOME VISIBLE in your industry



You will learn how to become a WORLD CLASS transformative speaker.

 But more than that, the uniqueness of this program is:

When you are done, your talk doesn't stay in the drawer or file on your computer.


Actually, you will get booked a lot.
And on bigger stages.

And you will learn how to monetize your speakings with a SOLID BACKEND system.

As seen on
"One of the best professional investments I have ever made."

How this 4-part SPEAKING program will expand your impact:

1. TRANSFORM your online presence and messaging to have a WOW EFFECT on event organizers
We will craft your signature bio, profiles, and content to present you as an industry leader.

WE WILL CREATE A MIND-BLOWING effect for people encountering you online.

Step into your mission, your UNIQUE thought leadership.
2. Create an elegant STAGE BOOKING SYSTEM for yourself:
Your message is too important to wait for opportunities, learn how to create them
There are so many speaking opportunities that people don't see!

If you learn how to approach and ASK event organizers - you will get booked way more than you can imagine.

In this part we will make you a person that CREATES opportunities:
How to pitch to cold event organizers
How to apply to stages that don't exist!
How to use a podcast or your own content - for warming up event organizers
How to use social media in an effective and smart way to get you on stages.

IN SHORT: A full Roadmap on how to stop waiting for the calls to speak, and make sure you are booked.
3. becoming a transformational speaker who moves people
When you move from being a professional speaker to a transformational speaker:
- You build authority with each speaking engagement
- You empower people to move into action

This starts with media training: how to be the #1 guest on podcasts
How to design Signature Workshops and your LEGACY TALK: so they are coherent with your programs and services 

We will craft your Signature Keynote talk and Signature Workshops so they will be IMPACTFULL, MEMORABLE and that they will MOVE people into ACTION

4. How to leverage your speaking:
to find your dream clients to work with
It is possible to make 50K-100K from ONE speaking engagement

Many speakers make a transformation in their audience, 
but never continue from there and help the people to move from A to B.

It is selfish to keep the people hanging. You shake their life up from the stage - give them an opportunity to work with you!

In this part we will cover 3 pathways to further leverage your speakings:

A transformed audience will seek your further support and guidance.
How to craft, build your PREMIUM offers and seed them from stage - 1:1s and group programs.

There is a natural path from a keynote talk to working with corporations.
How to build an offer of programs for executives, leadership teams and top employees.
All based on what you have covered in your talk.
(With micro-commitments from companies you can get them to open the door and TRUST what you do!)

Future authority building opportunities:
It's not always natural to get booked more
Certain speaking engagements can help you up-level your pricing, build further credibility and open doors that have been closed to you up to this point.
You will learn how to leverage each speaking engagement to create more and more opportunities for yourself in the future.


Do you feel like you are not fully leveraging your speaking?

  • Are you speaking to people that don't get the importance of what you're saying?
  • ​Do people hear you and like what you say... but don't take the actions that would make a difference?
  • ​Are you holding back from saying what you truly believe the real problem is?
  • ​Do you see how you could contribute to make things better in your industry or community but realize you're playing too small to actually make a difference?
  • ​Do you feel that the leaders we listen to are missing the point?

Do you wish to have a pro-active strategy for larger impact instead? 

  • See that your talks make a difference.
    People don't just listen, they CHANGE!
    ​Feel that people GET IT. They want it. NOW!
  • ​Playing in your league with a network that desperately want to hear what you have to say.
  • ​Raving FANS of your ideas and unique message.
  • Being perceived and invited as an expert on global stages.
  • ​Have the courage and passion to SPEAK YOUR TRUTH
  • ​A Signature Talk ready for all your appearances: TEDx, conferences, events, podcasts...
"In one year, I went from 0 to 40 speaking gigs,
got Forbes-Featured and received multiple awards."
Adela Mehic-Dzanic, Vice-President of Female Leaders Network


This Implementation & Coaching program is for you if one of the following applies:
  • You feel a strong urge to become an ‘Impact Millionaire” – impacting millions of souls with your message. You want to get on TEDx, and on big stages; Write a book, share your vision and mission. Create a ripple effect of impact. But where to start? WHAT to start with? You might lack clarity and strategy on what steps to take and in what order. 
  • You are already speaking to groups, online or offline on a frequent basis and you want to be on bigger and better stages! You already have experience in giving key notes and podcast interviews, now you are ready to step up the game!
  • You have a service product, and your speaking doesn't really sell it! You might do B2B consulting or B2C coaching, 1:1 or groups. But you aren’t sure how to leverage them. ONE speaking engagement can generate 50-150k on the back-end! We will show you the roadmap.
  • ​You know that speaking is your next step in growing your business and mission. This is the time to create a larger impact and to share your deepest message with a broader audience. What you have to say is too important to keep small!
  • ​You feel like you’ve been ‘hiding’ and are now ready to get visible. It’s clear to you that the next step of expanded impact comes through visibility.
  • You are willing to open yourself up. You are ready to get coached, trained, and work in co-elevation with other speakers.

The Framework of LEGACY

And why it will work for you:
Thought leadership is about embodiment. 

What happens if I Google your name? Does it represent who you are today, your message and who you are becoming? 

Winter is where we get to shed, to let go of presentations, topics and messages that no longer feel aligned. This is an important process for every speaker who want to create a larger impact. 

In this step, we upgrade your SPEAKER PROFILE and your UMBRELLA TOPIC so it feels like your second skin. 
Spread Your Impact
You are guardian of your industry, a visionary seeing something bigger.Your role is to find your peers and partners that are part of the same eco-system, the ones who already have a stage for you to speak on!
Your role is to enter the rooms where a similar conversation is already happening and sit at that table! 

We don't wait to stages to find us. We pro-actively create opportunities to impact. This is why our members create so many fantastic opportunities, whereas it's TEDx, Mindvalley or their favorite podcasts. 

In this step, we take you through the elegant and clear process to get on virtual and physical stages, NOW. You are ready, and your people are waiting for you to speak up. This is where we create the deep networks, the seeds for podcasts, summits, workshops and keynotes for now and the future. 
    Perform as a Transformational Speaker.
    There is a difference between being a good speaker and a world-class speaker that 
    a) builds their authority with each speaking engagement 
    b) creates a transformation that get people to MOVE! 

    The summer season is an exciting time! This is where we go from a "PowerPoint Presenter" to a transformational speaker. This is the outer embodiment of everything you’ve been building up until this point! Being a transformational speaker is finding who you are on stage, as a speaker. Whereas that stage is online in a live-stream, on a podcast or on a conference. 

    In this step, you get the media-training that will not only imrpove HOW you speak on podcasts and virtual/physical stages, but ALSO seed the next step of the journey for your audience. 

    What's next?
    If you wish to integrate speaking into your business model, you need to think of how to make it sustainable and leveragable. 
    This is a crucial step that MOST speakers forget, including experienced and professional speakers!
    As much as being paid to speak is amazing, having a clear sales journey in the back-end of your speaking (whereas it's B2C or B2B) is a total game-changer! 

    Going through the 3 “seasons” above, you are stepping into a next level of thought leadership and speaking.
    The Fall, the final season is the leverage of all the momentum building! Here, we cover how to work with strategic partnerships to get booked on autopilot, get the most out of your speaker brand and link it to your business goals through clear and elegant sales journeys.



    The 8-step process to use speaking and online presence 
    to systematically get booked and get paid

    1. Your Thought Leadership Roadmap - Create a crystal clear roadmap to the next level of your authority

    Get clarity on what you want to get out of each stage appearance and expand your vision of what's possible.

    Once you get clear on what you TRULY want to be known for

    Your life and business feels home. You message lands differently - with power, confidence and density.
    Create a trust effect around you.

    2. Your Speaker Brand - The exact formula for how to create a kick-ass speaker brand

    Create a profile & bio you are proud of and confident to send out.
    Massively increase your credibility in the eyes of event organizers and podcast hosts.

    Once you have a winning profile you will not have to work so hard to get booked for speaking.
    In fact it will start being a natural process!

    3. Your Authority Content - The straightforward process to craft authority through EASY-PRODUCED content

    The 30-minutes process of how to create content that builds industry positioning.
    Go from thinking and procrastination to PUBLISHING now.

    Design the pillars for your unique content pieces 
    to allow you to easily produce content that positions you as an industry leader.
    Through this you also understand YOUR UNIQUE THOUGHT LEADERSHIP.

    4. A Talk Description That Stands Out - The Talk Description that gets you booked and the audience excited

    It's possible to get 80% of your speaking applications approved.

    How to create curiosity, reassurance and authority in a couple of lines.
    Find the balance between intriguing and reassuring talk description.

    5. The Speaker's Dream 100 Strategy - The science of networking & relationships that will GET YOU BOOKED

    From fully tapping into the potential of your warm network (Your low hanging fruits) to outreach to get booked on your dream stages.
    How to craft and use the "Dream 100 Speaker Strategy" to create your entry ticket to the best stages.

    Plus: The formula to finding the untapped potential in "secret" stages - 
    exclusive networks, companies, niche conferences, business schools, etc.

    6. The Transformational Speaker - activate your speaker persona and charisma

    How to move your audience and create a change in them with your talk

    LEAD the audience from the stage
    make people THINK, FEEL, and ACT - from hearing you speak
    The different ways to speak on each different audiences.

    7. Leverage Your Speaking Success - Expand the lifetime of each talk: Media Coverage

    How to create more authority from every single talk (even small ones) to create stunning social proof.

    Create a premium-influencer aura around you and your business: to upscale your pricing, negotiate better deals and unlock VIP opportunities.
    Maximise each speaking engagement to accelerate your success.

    8. From Speaking to Sales
    Craft and Fuel your backend sales process from your speaking

    Make buying from you the natural next step for your audience.
    When you align your speaking goals and your business goals, so they work together:
    Your speaking engagements will SELL YOUR PRODUCTS

    Create a clear pathway to drive sales through designing offers that align with your talks.

    What will you receive when you join

    Lifetime access to the LEGACY Framework on the Online Speaker Academy
    Value: €3,000

    The full 8-module program in detail, with clear instructions, engaging videos and self-reflecting journaling instructions.
    Everything you need to follow along the program with confidence.

    8 live group coaching calls & trainings (with replays)
    Value: €4,000

    Our focus in the live calls is on IMPLEMENTATION & COACHING, and we work through the framework with you. 
    It’s a DONE-WITH-YOU program.

    Meet us once a week to open yourself up to the process: From designing your deep 
    Get accountability and support to work through the framework - get feedback and questions answered in an intimate group environment.

    Ongoing WhatsApp support and Communal Journal
    Value: €2,000

    You are never alone. In between the calls - share your celebrations, challenges and progress with your peers, get professional support and care.
    NOVEMBER BONUSES!!! Get €1,000 worth of Bonuses

    The TEDx GUIDE | Value: €500

    How to Prepare, Deliver and Leverage a TEDx-Talk; Lessons Learned From 6x TEDx-Speakers.

    In this training, Daria and Sébastien will cover the 4 stages of your TEDx-talk:

    1. Choosing your legacy topic
    2. Finding and applying to TEDx
    3. Crafting a talk that stands out using the TEDx-format
    4. Leveraging your talk

    The Podcast Guide | Value: €500

    2 sections:
    How to strategize and simply launch your own podcast.
    People over-complicate podcasts. Through this guidance you will gain clarity and be prepared to launch your own podcast, in a way that will strengthen your brand and thought leadership.

    The "Get Booked on podcasts" system:
    Our latest SOPs for using FB groups, podcast sites and other resources to get booked weekly.
    How train your VA to get you booked weekly on a podcast. 


    PROGRAM START: 10.01.2023

    Join the full program today for only:

    4,000 €

    4,800 €

    If paid in one installment,
    or 3 * 1,500€ monthly installments.

    The program is limited to 20 spots ONLY
    14-day full refund guarantee.
    If you wish to ask any further questions about LEGACY, we are happy to answer to you via WhatsApp.

    Angela Legh
    Speaker, Fiction Writer, Life Transformation Mentor

    “Today I have achieved what I was wishing for when I participated in this group. I must credit both Sebastien and Daria for the work they did to bring me out of my shell; to step into the world as a thought leader. I could not have become who I am without the work of Daria and Sebastien./.../, sign up as soon as you can! They are amazing leaders who will help you to step into your soul mission.
    Daria Vodopianova and Sébastien Roger de Nuñez, you helped me get here!
    Thank you!!!

    Marcel Wijermars
    Introverted Leadership Mentor | 🎤 International Keynote Speaker | 💡 Founder of Trending Jobs

    It's my dream to become an international keynote speaker, so when I saw LEGACY, it was an absolute no-brainer to join.
    Following the program has saved me years of trial and error - Daria has been there/done that, and guides me through the process building a successful speaking business in no-time.
    Sébastien transformed my stage performance.
    He helped me shift my focus from giving a monologue on stage, to being present with/reading the audience and giving them what they need at any given moment.
    If you want to become a professional keynote speaker, joining LEGACY is worth the investment many times over.

    Christy Renee Stehle
    Copywriter & Co-founder of Atlanta Creatives

    “Their leadership was specific, focused, and well directed. After each module, they provided the thought-provoking questions that enabled me to go from a speaker who "kind of talked about XYZ" to an inspiring speaker with a powerful, unique message. I highly, highly recommend this course to anyone looking to figure out how to zero in on their message, what audiences need in order to be transformed into taking action, and the steps to take to be booked as a speaker.” 

    Sonia Ouarti
    Keynote Speaker | Mentor | Marketing Consultant to Startups | Co-founder at Chainmaker Capital

    I recently graduated from the LEGACY program and recommend it highly to anyone aspiring to become a public speaker on their own terms
    I honestly wasn’t sure this was for me but I quickly realized that Daria’s approach is for everyone, whatever stage they’re in.
    While some of the group I was in were applying their learnings on a day to day basis, I published my first article, updated my brand and profile and came with a detailed plan for my project. It definitely gave me the kick I needed. Thank you Daria and team! 

    David Blum
    TEDx-speaker, Founder of David Blum Coaching

    Sébastien helped me to create my first TEDx Speech. To me, a good speech is like a piece of art and more - it's like you present a part of you, a part of your identity. Sébastien helped me to dig deep, to do some soul searching in a systematic, powerful manner. This man pushes you to extremes, challenges you, and takes you by the hand when needed. He is combining passion and professionalism which is a powerful mixture. The result of his coaching was a speech that I will be proud of for the rest of my life. One of the best professional investments I have ever made. I can highly recommend Sébastien for any entrepreneur who wants to make an impact and get his message out there. You will be in good hands.

    Rosalyn Palmer
    Award-Winning Coach for Leaders

    “Daria and her partner Sebastien led with knowledge and passion tempered with fun and balance. I made more progress on my signature message and legacy USP in that time that I've managed in many months of sole reflection. Also, the connections with the group were inspiring. I recommend Daria and her programs without hesitation and am excited about the next level of my journey to Thought Leader.” 

    Fab Mackojc
    TEDx-speaker, Investment Principal at Dovetail Ventures

    “I came to Sébastien with only a rough idea of what my talk would be about and in three hours he helped me craft that into an actual presentation filled with humour, emotion and a clear purpose. Sébastien was very effective at pushing me to refine the essence of my message and made me jump up a few times to perform the talk as we developed it. With his practical no-nonsense approach, I was able to improve my delivery/…/ If you are giving a TED talk or any other big presentation, I strongly recommend you have a speaker coaching session with Sébastien. Honestly, I don’t know how I would have put together such a great presentation without him.” 

    Katie Stoddart
    Award-winning High Performance & Leadership Coach

    “Daria is an absolute star! She is hugely knowledgeable in her field of work: Thought Leadership, and conveys her ideas with clarity and enthusiasm. Her passion shines through in each session. She is a structured strategist, which all creative & visionaries can hugely benefit from! /…/. Daria goes above and beyond the call of duty for each and every client. I feel more clear-sighted, confident and motivated than ever before!” 


    "From 0 to 40 Speaking Gigs, FORBES-Features and Multiple Awards in One Year"
    With Adela Mehic-Dzanic, Vice-President of Female Leaders Network, Head of CSP Segment at MAVOCO AG
    "Expanding Your Impact Through Speaking: an Interview with Ashley Rani Singla"
    Founder of Raising Humanity, Speaker, Author, Advocate of Maternal Health


    PROGRAM START: 10.01.2023

    Join the full program today for only:

    4,000 €

    4,800 €

    If paid in one installment,
    or 3 * 1,500€ monthly installments.

    The program is limited to 20 spots ONLY
    14-day full refund guarantee.


    Daria & Sébastien co-founded the Thought Leadership Academy with the mission to empower 21st century leaders to fully live and embody their mission and leadership and to inspire others to do the same.

    Their academy balances deep emotional intelligence work with clear business frameworks to help experienced experts & visionary leaders to build an exciting and sustainable business around their unique expertise. They have supported hundreds of leaders to step into their thought leadership in an exciting, simplified and elegant way. All by using their frameworks to speak their legacy, teach/coach and embody their message.

    Daria is 2*TEDx-speaker, best-selling author and host of The Thought Leadership Podcast. Sébastien is 4*TEDx-speaker, and 2*TEDx Official Speaker Coach. His first talk, “The Multilingual in You”, has over 300,000 views! In the past years, he has trained over 30 TEDx-Speakers to prepare their talks, and hundreds of industry leaders to reach bigger audiences with powerful communication skills.

    Together, they speak at more than 30+ events per year, and have appeared in 50+ podcasts. They were invited to speak about their groundbreaking work at stages such as RE/MAX Europe International Convention, Women in Tech Global Summit, MindValley, Vienna Univesity of Economics and Business, TEDx and European Innovation Academy. 


    We want it to be a no-brainer for you to grow your business and impact in the upcoming months.
    And for that, we have created a risk-free option for you.

    Our programs have had profound effect on the businesses of our members. Edition after edition the results of the participants are mind-blowing. We are convinced that this program will bring your massive value and growth. If you do the work, then you'll get enormous benefits from LEGACY. And we are happy to back up our program with a 14-day money-back guarantee.

    If for some reason it wasn’t what you expected in terms of content and coaching, and you are not 100% satisfied with our support and contribution to your business, write us an email within 14 days from registration in the program, and we’ll refund you your full sum of your investment. 

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